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Pros and Cons of URL SHORTENER

Long and complex URLs on one hand can be descriptive but on the other hand it makes them difficult to read and remember. Using short URLs is considered to be a smart move for promoting your business over web.

All concepts are coupled with benefits and limitations. Before using any product or service, it is wise to render all the information regarding their positivity and negativity. Similar logic is applicable for URL Shortener too.

The Pros of URL Shortener:

The most obvious and unquestionably prominent benefits of URL Shortener are as follows:

a. They make the hyperlink look short and attractive.

b. They make the hyperlinks catchy by removing unwanted and offending long series of characters and numbers from them.

c. URL Shortener provides a smooth reading experience to the viewers.

d. It helps in the tracking and analysis of clicks to your link. This gives an imperative touch to your marketing efforts.

e. Shortened URLs preserves the SEO feature of your long hyperlinks. It does not hampers your SEO compatibility.

f. It makes your long hyperlinks to be shared easily on social media platforms where character limits are specified. Due to its short length you can share multiple URLs in a single post.

Cons of URL Shortener:

Although loaded with bunches of benefit, URL Shortener is having few demerits. We all know that nothing is perfect in this world.

a. As shortened URLs do not reveal detail of the sender or the target website, many a time they are treated as part of scams. Many online viewers who are not aware of this feature can treat the link to be useless or harmful. This can lead to distrust and register fewer clicks than you expected.

b. Many URL Shorteners uses their own branding in the short links. This can sometime dilute the effect of your own branding over the link.

c. Often Shortened Links sends the user through multiple redirects. This can migrate the viewer to land on another website other than the desired one.

d. Many ISPs blacklist Link Shorteners to avoid spammers and cyber criminals fulfil their malicious tasks.

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Why Url Shortening Is Important And Vital?

SEO need url shortening process more. Presently, there are several online companies who prefer SEO to get the best rank. SEO not only helps to get the good rank but it will also increase keyword ranking on major search engines. To do proper SEO different types of techniques need to apply. You have to share and promote and advertise product and services online. To promote and advertise, you have to use different types of social media channels like facebook twitter, linkedin, pinterest, etc. You can choose any one as per your requirement and the budget.

Need proper posting

You have to post properly on social media channels. There are some social media channels like twitter where you have to post character limitedly. So, you have to make an advertisement in a way where you can post all the information shortly with website link. Now, if you have a long website link, then you have to make a short. Suppose your link character 120 and after doing url shortening it become 25 to 30 character. Just use the link and add information and post it easily.

The process is very important

The entire process is very important. It offers several advantages. You just need to visit the website and check their authentication and policy and then paste the link you want to shorten. After that, you just click the button and within few second, the long URL becomes the short URL.

So, search the net now and choose the best website through which you can easily short your website url and post it. You can post on different social media sites, within advertisement and other purposes as well. Try to use it more and utilize its benefits randomly. It’s a best way to use the tool properly.


Url Shortening With Online Url Shortener Tool For Easy Access

Can you send URL of any length through text messages and social media sites? The answer is no. When you try to send or share a long link or URL through social media chatting or text messaging, usually the message body and the link gets overlapped and you are unable to read the message. This happens has the link gets corrupted because of the character limitation. Usually when you share links through chat box the character is usually limited to 140. To avoid such issues it is best to shorten the URLs. There are many online tools that can help you shortening the length keeping the basic content of the link intact. As a matter of fact the URL shortener tools actively make short URLs that redirect you to the long ones.0

The tools that you use online:

URL shortening is a task that is usually preferred by people who wish to share important documents, movie links etc. With friends and family members through social media and text messaging. Using online tools for this purpose is always beneficial as they provide with below features-

  1. Easy tracking of the link that is shared by you. You can trace who else is using the link you shared.
  2. The tools are very user friendly.
  3. The online websites provide you with statistical analysis of the URL used when you shorten link.

Benefits of URL shortening:

  • Shortening URLs help you to send messages with mass URLs.
  • Your messages are no more considered as a spam one. You can open the message with short URL easily and get redirected to the original site.
  • There are less chances of the links getting corrupted.

To shorten a link you need create an account with the websites offering the option for URL size reduction. You just need upload the link you want to shorten and the site automatically does the work for you.

URL shortening the new feature that you must absolutely try!

There is completely no doubt in the fact that websites have become common to various businesses or around the world. Of course the websites are the best and the shortest ways to promote the businesses and service as well as their products.

Of course one must understand that with the help of website reaching people is for the easier than what one can imagine. The websites cannot be complete all by itself there are various important things that help in completion of a perfect website. The URL is one of the most important things that take a part in it.

People must necessarily understand that a URL is one of the lengthiest things that they can come across when it comes to dealing with the website designing. This is probably why shortening of the same is the best thing that one can do.

URL shortening:

Completely new in trend but actually extremely effective to the people who are using the same. People must understand that URL shortening is one of the best things that they can come across with when it comes to ensuring that they are dealing with a proper compact as well as easy to remember URL.

There is no doubt in the fact that the online secure url shortener the people can use is definitely one of the best that they can come across with. Also one must understand that URL shortening is not an easy task and must be accomplished with perfect finesse. In order to make sure that it is happening people must select the best ways of shortening the URL in the first place.

Best way to shorten the URL:

Using an online URL shortener is the best thing that people can opt for when it comes to shortening of the URL in one of the most secured ways. These are often secure url shortener and people can be absolutely ensure the fact that no harm will be done to their website at all.

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