Pros and Cons of URL SHORTENER

Long and complex URLs on one hand can be descriptive but on the other hand it makes them difficult to read and remember. Using short URLs is considered to be a smart move for promoting your business over web.

All concepts are coupled with benefits and limitations. Before using any product or service, it is wise to render all the information regarding their positivity and negativity. Similar logic is applicable for URL Shortener too.

The Pros of URL Shortener:

The most obvious and unquestionably prominent benefits of URL Shortener are as follows:

a. They make the hyperlink look short and attractive.

b. They make the hyperlinks catchy by removing unwanted and offending long series of characters and numbers from them.

c. URL Shortener provides a smooth reading experience to the viewers.

d. It helps in the tracking and analysis of clicks to your link. This gives an imperative touch to your marketing efforts.

e. Shortened URLs preserves the SEO feature of your long hyperlinks. It does not hampers your SEO compatibility.

f. It makes your long hyperlinks to be shared easily on social media platforms where character limits are specified. Due to its short length you can share multiple URLs in a single post.

Cons of URL Shortener:

Although loaded with bunches of benefit, URL Shortener is having few demerits. We all know that nothing is perfect in this world.

a. As shortened URLs do not reveal detail of the sender or the target website, many a time they are treated as part of scams. Many online viewers who are not aware of this feature can treat the link to be useless or harmful. This can lead to distrust and register fewer clicks than you expected.

b. Many URL Shorteners uses their own branding in the short links. This can sometime dilute the effect of your own branding over the link.

c. Often Shortened Links sends the user through multiple redirects. This can migrate the viewer to land on another website other than the desired one.

d. Many ISPs blacklist Link Shorteners to avoid spammers and cyber criminals fulfil their malicious tasks.

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