Url Shortening With Online Url Shortener Tool For Easy Access

Can you send URL of any length through text messages and social media sites? The answer is no. When you try to send or share a long link or URL through social media chatting or text messaging, usually the message body and the link gets overlapped and you are unable to read the message. This happens has the link gets corrupted because of the character limitation. Usually when you share links through chat box the character is usually limited to 140. To avoid such issues it is best to shorten the URLs. There are many online tools that can help you shortening the length keeping the basic content of the link intact. As a matter of fact the URL shortener tools actively make short URLs that redirect you to the long ones.0

The tools that you use online:

URL shortening is a task that is usually preferred by people who wish to share important documents, movie links etc. With friends and family members through social media and text messaging. Using online tools for this purpose is always beneficial as they provide with below features-

  1. Easy tracking of the link that is shared by you. You can trace who else is using the link you shared.
  2. The tools are very user friendly.
  3. The online websites provide you with statistical analysis of the URL used when you shorten link.

Benefits of URL shortening:

  • Shortening URLs help you to send messages with mass URLs.
  • Your messages are no more considered as a spam one. You can open the message with short URL easily and get redirected to the original site.
  • There are less chances of the links getting corrupted.

To shorten a link you need create an account with the websites offering the option for URL size reduction. You just need upload the link you want to shorten and the site automatically does the work for you.

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